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House Washing

When it comes to washing houses, H2Pro Power Washing offers three levels of service:

Standard Service

Our standard house washing service includes a low-pressure presoak application of high quality detergents combined with a mildew killing agent to break down and dissolve all surface level dirt, mold, mildew, and other contaminants. After allowing this cleansing mixture to dwell on the surface for several minutes, we then rinse the house from the outside of the gutters down to the foundation, washing away all grime and pollutants. Our detergents are specifically formulated for house washing and contain gloss enhancers, restoring the natural beauty of your home.

Deluxe Service

Our deluxe service includes all the features of our standard service, while adding a significant option to extend the life of the wash. After washing away the dirt, grime, mold, and mildew we apply a blend of silicone and silicone hardener, polymer, and mildew retardant that will enhance the appearance of vinyl and aluminum siding, as well as painted wood and other metal surfaces, while leaving your windows spot-free. This protective finish will eliminate or substantially reduce future mold and mildew growth on all surfaces.

Premium Service

Our premium service offers the same benefits of both the standard and deluxe services, as well as incorporating the following amenities. Not only will we power wash the outside of the gutters as in our standard service, but we will also clean out any debris which has accumulated inside the gutters. Furthermore, we hand scrub any "zebra stripes" on the outside of the gutters which may be present that cannot be removed by power washing alone. Additionally, we power wash the foundation and front entry/porch of your home to remove caked-on dirt, grime, and algae growth.

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