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Frequently Asked Questions

What Do You Power Wash?

  • Vinyl, metal, and painted wood siding.
  • Wood, vinyl, and composite decks and fences.
  • Brick, stucco, and EIFS exteriors.
  • Cedar siding and log houses.
  • Concrete patios, driveways, and sidewalks.
  • Pavers, stepping stones, and flagstone.
  • Storefronts and awnings.
  • Motor homes and RV's.

How Much Does It Cost?

Prices vary by the size, condition, and type of service to be completed. We do have a minimum service charge, which includes one hour of power washing services. The best thing to do is call us and arrrange for a free, no-obligation estimate - our prices are honest, affordable, and competitive. When we estimate a job we give you a firm price in writing, so you don't have to worry about hidden charges and service fees. We always tell you how much you are going to spend before we begin any job. We do offer phone and e-mail quotes, but those are not firm until we have been to the job site and made an honest evaluation and assessment of the work to be performed. This saves us both from any misunderstanding, surprises and confusion.

What is included in your house wash?

We offer three levels of service when it comes to power washing a house. Our standard level service is a low-pressure application of high quality detergents and cleaners followed by a light power wash to remove surface dirt, mold, and mildew from all siding from the outside of the gutter down to, but not including, the foundation of the house.

Our deluxe service includes the features of our standard service, as well as applying a protective silicone polymer finish to the entire exterior of the home to aid in the prevention of future mold and mildew growth, thereby extending the life of the wash.

Our premium service includes the features of both the standard and deluxe services, as well as cleaning out the inside of the gutters, removing any existing "zebra stripes" on the exterior surface of the gutters, and power washing the foundation and front entry/porch of the house.

See "A Closer Look" for more details.

How Long Does It Take?

Again, the time it takes to complete a job depends on the size, condition, and type of the service to be performed. For example, a standard service one-level house wash can be completed in between 1-1½ hours, while the premium service for the same house will range from 3-4 hours. We can give you a sound estimate of the length of time when we estimate the cost.

Do I Need to Be Present When You Do the Work?

That is based soley and entirely upon your personal preference. We are licensed and insured for your protection as well as well as our own. If for some reason we need you to be present we will let you know ahead of time and we will work with and around your schedule instead of making you work around ours.

What Are Those Black Streaks on My Gutter? Can They Be Removed?

Those streaks – often referred to by industry members as “zebra stripes” – are actually caused by a chemical reaction that occurs between the tar and asphalt found in roof shingles and the aluminum in the gutters. The black streaks are not simply stains, and therefore can’t be removed with traditional house washing chemicals that remove mold or mildew. The asphalt actually creates an electrostatic bond with the aluminum – much the same way that road film sticks to fleets – and the bond must be broken in order for the stains to be removed. The good news about zebra stripes is that they can be removed, and they can be removed without destroying the paint on the gutter.

What Are The Black Streaks on My Roof? Do You Clean Roofs?

The black discoloration that is often found on asphalt roofing material is actually a strain of algae called Gloeocapsa Magma. The material composition of the shingle itself is the food source for the algae.

We are excited to announce that we are now cleaning asphalt shingle roofs on a limited basis, depending on the height and pitch. Please note – if you hire a company to clean your roof DO NOT allow them to use high pressure on your shingles, as this deteriorates the shingles and voids the manufacturer’s warranty.

Are Your Cleaners Safe for Plants, Animals, and Children?

The chemicals we use in most cases are similar to those you use in your home. Our house washing detergent is no stronger than Tide or Cascade. We add sodium hypochlorite to the detergent which is nothing more than household bleach, just stronger. The wax we use is very similar to the wax you get in the automatic car washes. All of our chemicals come from a power washing supply house in Georgia and are FDA approved, environmentally friendly and safe around people and pets. Typically, these cleaners will not harm otherwise healthy plants. However, in hot, dry months (usually late summer), some leaf discoloration or other minor effects may occur. We take special care to rinse your gardens and anything else of value around your home before, during and after the wash process to minimize any detrimental effects.

Can I Do It Myself? Will You Sell Me Your Cleaners?

Whatever we can do you can do, but rest assured that we can do it more efficiently and safer than you, because this is our profession and we possess the equipment, experience, and knowledge necessary to perform almost any power washing service. If you decide to tackle power washing for yourself, the possibility does exist to do serious damage to your property or yourself. Water can spray at such a high pressure that you can literally put holes in siding, gouge the wood of your deck or fence, dent and remove paint from gutters, and even break windows. And lastly, when you add up what it costs to do it yourself, it's likely not much less than what we charge. Why not call us first? You may be surprised by how affordable a professional job can be.

We do not sell our cleaners to the public, because we do not want the liability involved in doing so. The cleaners we use, as well as any other power washing company, are readily available through local and online distributors and dealers.

What Is Your Service Area?

We are based and operate out of Springfield, MO and service a radius up to 100 miles. We do charge a travel fee to any area outside of the Springfield metro area (Fair Grove, Nixa, Ozark, Republic, Rogersville, Strafford, and Willard).

Do You Prep Houses To Be Painted?

Paint preparation is a great reason to have your house washed. The last thing you want to do is paint over a dirty surface or one with a lot of loose material. We can power wash painted surfaces to remove mold, mildew, and surface dirt as well as knock off a majority of chipped and peeling paint. Please note that hand scraping may still be necessary.

Do You Wash Windows?

Yes, we offer window washing as an add-on option to any one of our house washing services. One of the hardest things to do in power washing is keeping the water from evaporating on hot windows, leaving the detergent to streak the glass, but it's also one of the biggest customer concerns. So even if you do not choose a window cleaning treatment, we really focus on leaving your windows as clean as possible when we're done. Furthermore, if you choose our deluxe service then our protective finish leaves your windows virtually spot-free without using a specific glass cleaner.

Do You Offer a Guarantee?

The only guarantee we make is that at some point in time your project will need to be washed again. Because our line of work is weather and environment related it is extremely difficult to give a guarantee of how long your property will stay clean. Some elements that contribute to a dirty house over which we have no control include contaminants in the air, dust and pollen kicked up from lawn mowing, neighborhood construction and road work, high humidity, insects (such as spiders), UV rays from the sun, and the list goes on. Remember, we thoroughly clean the surface and kill and remove all surface deterioration, but we don’t eliminate the causes – the weather and environment.

After My Deck/Fence Is Cleaned Do I Need to Stain It?

If you want your deck or fence to look good for years to come, then staining is a required necessity. The UV rays emitted from the sun are the cause for the majority of damage and deterioration of exterior wood surfaces. Without a UV-blocking protective coating your deck will continue to deteriorate and will turn gray within a matter of weeks.

Do You Stain Decks, Fences, and Cedar Siding?

Yes! H2Pro will gladly stain your exterior wood and we offer a variety of colors, tones, and products. We use only superior, professional products and will protect your property from drifting stain, overspray, and drips. Or, if you prefer, you may hire your own staining contractor or do it yourself.

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