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Deck Cleaning and Staining

H2Pro Power Washing is your premier choice for deck cleaning and staining in Springfield and southwest Missouri. If you are considering cleaning and staining your deck, fence, cedar siding, or log home let H2Pro do the hard work. We use high quality cleaners formulated specifically for weathered, exposed wood surfaces which enable us to use the lowest amount of pressure possible, providing you with beautiful looking wood without inflicting damage to the wood.

Regardless of the product you plan to apply to your deck, fence, cedar siding, or log home, proper cleaning is essential for flawless stain adhesion and should not be overlooked. In fact, virtually all stain manufacturers base the warranty of their product on correct cleaning procedures and techniques. A power washer in the wrong hands can cause serious, irreparable damage to any surface, including wood. You can rest assured your exterior wood project will be cleaned with care by a professional.

We are proud to offer professional staining services using only the highest quality, professional products, as well as free, friendly advice based upon years of experience and restoring hundreds of decks, fences, and homes. We can recommend which products offer the best durability and protection and which products a homeowner should avoid.

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